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Join us at the 12th Annual Sound Grading Practices Conference November 30 - December 1, 2017 in Portland, OR!

Grades are only as accurate as the assessments upon which they are built. Grades can decrease in accuracy if the procedures used to arrive at the final grade aren't sound, and if there are variables included in the grade that are unrelated to subject matter mastery.

Presentations at this conference will provide both classroom teachers and school/district leaders with a deeper understanding of the issues involved in sound grading practices, as well as practical strategies and alternatives, in order to change how students are graded. Session presenters include current and former administrators and teachers who have successfully implemented standards-based grading practices in their states, districts and classrooms

Conference Objectives:

Learn how to turn assessment information into accurate, defensible report card grades

Gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved in sound grading

Learn how to track and communicate assessment results for both summative and formative purposes

Learn how to ensure that grades provide accurate reflections of achievement

Break-out sessions will focus on what to change in classroom grading practice and how to change it

Who Should Attend:

This conference is recommended for K-12 classroom teachers, resource specialists, special educators, teacher-leaders, building and district administrators, and those responsible for continuing teacher education. For Higher Education professionals, we welcome all who work with pre-service K-12 teachers.