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Thank you for your interest in our ATI conferences. Unfortunately, increasing costs of accommodations and other factors have made it no longer cost effective for us to continue offering these sessions in this format. Therefore please note that the 2018 summer and winter conferences will not be held this year. If you are interested in other Pearson professional development opportunities, please contact us at

ATI Professional Development Programs:

The ATI programs teach educators at every level how to design and implement balanced assessment systems that meet the information needs of assessment users from the classroom to the boardroom and include students as assessment users, too. Each program is carefully designed to:

  • Teach research-proven strategies that can be used in any subject area at any grade level
  • Address both assessment accuracy and effective use of assessment results, for both summative and formative assessment
  • Use in a learning team model of professional development, with all ATI materials formatted for collaborative study

ATI Leading Professional Development National Institutes

Institutes are led by renowned authors for staff development personnel, school and district administrators, and support staff. The seminars provide the knowledge needed to deliver learning team-based professional development in classroom assessment.

ATI Getting Started On-Site Workshop Series

These one-day, on-site workshops provide a cost effective solution for districts wishing to create a cadre of staff who can communicate the positive impact of assessment for learning practices. The workshops assist schools in setting up learning teams, and help lead and manage the learning team process.

Online Courses

Together with Battelle for Kids, Pearson ATI has created a series of online courses aimed at helping schools advance their understanding and use of formative instructional practices. Based on the ATI books Classroom Assessment for Student Learning and Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning, the courses include valuable tips, resources, examples, videos, and downloads that educators can use as they learn about and implement formative instructional practices.