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Getting Started with Classroom Assessment for Student Learning

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Workshop Goal:

Prepare participants to develop high-quality classroom assessments and to use their results effectively.

This one-day workshop is designed to deepen understanding of the five keys to classroom assessment quality. At the close of the workshop, participants will be ready to use the text to create high-quality classroom assessments and to use their results both formatively and summatively.

The workshop will prepare participants to do the following:

  • Differentiate formative and summative types of assessment and their uses
  • Establish clear learning targets
  • Deconstruct complex content standards into classroom-level learning targets
  • Select assessment methods that match learning targets
  • Involve students in the assessment process
  • Continue the study and application of quality assessment practices with the book Classroom Assessment for Student Learning: Doing It Right—Using It Well, 2nd edition, by Jan Chappuis, Rick Stiggins, Steve Chappuis, and Judy Arter

Target Audience:

K-12 Educators, District Administrators, School Leaders, Staff Development Specialists

Number of Participants: 30